About Me

Agile Coaching and Enterprise Culture change are my areas of expertise in a world that is going Digital.

I work with individuals, teams and leadership to design and build a workplace that is adaptable to the ongoing changes and shifts in the world and that unleashes innovation within each individual being.

My key areas of specialism include:

  • Designing, planning, delivering and championing process improvement initiatives to implement practices for Agile Project and Product Management;
  • Blending traditional Project Management principles and practices with an Agile development approach in the right proportions to fit large, complex, mission-critical, enterprise-level projects;
  • Playing a consultative role to establish appropriate people, process, tools and practices;
  • Leading and managing large, complex enterprise-level projects consisting of multiple Agile teams and requiring integration with other activities outside Agile team scope;
  • Consulting for and supporting global and regional tools, processes and systems development and enhancement;
  • Managing resources and keeping projects on track for successful implementations;
  • Managing and prioritising change request lists, developing solutions and designing documents for both test driven development and behaviour driven development.

I have strong simplification skills, creative thinking, innovative ideas and also an early adopter mind.

Problem solver and passionate about learning and about technology, helping people and transforming environments for the better keeps me motivated.

I am starting this business in order to help you! 🙂

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